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Dear Prospective Member:

The Board of Directors of the Mile High Chapter, ALA extends a heartfelt invitation to you to join the National Association of Legal Administrators ("ALA") and the Mile High Chapter ("MHC"). We think you will find your membership to be very rewarding. The MHC provides numerous educational and networking opportunities as well as assisting you in better meeting the everyday challenges of your profession. Criteria for local chapter membership includes current membership in our National Association in addition to those criteria listed in our chapter bylaws.

Mile High Chapter membership includes the following benefits:

  1. Peer Group - The MHC is an organization of almost 220 administrators and functional specialists that functions as a peer group. We are interested in your success.

  2. Monthly Educational Luncheons - Great speakers focus on topics geared to our needs as legal administrators

  3. List Server - The MHC list server is an invaluable resource when you've got a troubling question that you would like some help on from your fellow administrators, when you want to advertise that you need to fill a staff position, when your Executive Committee wants a quick answer to a question that is beyond your scope, or any number of other things that we administrators address each day.

  4. Subgroup Meetings - Subgroups of the MHC meet on an as-needed basis to discuss topics of interest. Currently, there are active subgroups for human resources and finance specialists.

  5. Webinars - The MHC sponsors monthly webinars conducted by the National ALA. These topical seminars are sponsored by the MHC (subject to a minimum of 6 attendees).

  6. Annual Retreat - The MHC holds an annual education retreat generally in February or March. This provides an excellent opportunity to learn about our profession from a world class speaker at a relaxing venue. Besides providing a great educational experience, it provides time to do some serious networking with your peers and is always lots of fun. The cost of the annual retreat is heavily subsidized by the MHC.

  7. Community Service - The MHC is very community minded. Each year the Chapter looks for opportunities to give back to our community. Please join us this year as we continue to play an active role in the Denver Community.

  8. Salary Survey - Each year the MHC does a salary and benefit survey. It is the best survey available for legal support staff in the Denver area legal community. While available to others, the price is reduced to members.

  9. Business Partner Expo - Each year the MHC presents an Expo. There is no charge for admission. The Expo provides a great opportunity to talk to those MHC Business Partners (local and national vendors that sponsor our Chapter) that you had been hoping to spend some time with, do it in a single location, and in a very time saving format.

  10. The Rocky Mountain Recorder - This newsletter published by the MHC will help to keep you updated on Chapter happenings and it provides articles that are on point with the legal administration issues that we as administrators find most critical.

  11. Opportunities to Serve - The Board of Directors of the MHC is always in need of fellow administrators to assist on various committees. You will find these service opportunities to be both fun and educational. Also, this is a great opportunity to network with your peers.

If you have any questions, contact our membership committee at [email protected]

Membership in the International Association offers many benefits of membership, including:

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