Member Registration


We look forward to having you join us as a member of the Mile High Chapter, ALA. Criteria for local chapter membership includes current membership in the International Chapter of ALA in addition to those criteria listed in our chapter bylaws.  Click Here to View a Copy of Our Bylaws

Current membership dues are $149 per year.  Click Here to View a Benefit Summary for additional information.

By submitting this registration form I verify that I meet the criteria for my selection for Full Membership, Associate Membership or Life Membership as described in the chapter ByLaws.

I understand that membership with the Mile High Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators, is contingent upon first registering and maintaining my membership in good standing with the International Association of Legal Administrators. Failure to renew my membership with the International ALA will result in losing your right to  memberhip with the Mile High Chapter.

If you have questions contact our membership committee at [email protected].

Current members who wish to renew should login and access the renewal link under the member area.