Platte River Networks

Platte River Networks was created by two dedicated IT professionals who had a simple and unique vision, “How would you like to be treated both as a company and as an individual?” From that one question a company was born focusing on honesty, integrity, teamwork and motivation. Our entire staff strives every day to provide the best customer experience possible.  We embrace and drive change while making it fun and remembering the importance of a life and work balance.

 Our award winning managed services product Intuition provides complete or augmented IT department services to any business including: system administration, infrastructure management, help desk, procurement, IT roadmap planning, budgeting and full-time on-site IT resources. Intuition features assessment, monitoring and maintenance services for your IT infrastructure including network hardware, applications and updates. Intuition software as a service (SaaS) monitors virtually all devices, operating systems and applications. We also provide full project, cloud, Office 365, telecom and VoIP service.


Platte River Networks

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