Are looking to start a diversity and inclusion program? Get help from the ALA Committee on Diversity.

The ALA Committee on Diversity and Inclusion is tasked with providing guidance, education, and resources in support of the ALA Diversity Initiative. Originally begun as a task force in 2003, the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion evolved into a standing committee with a liaison from ALA Headquarters and budget support. The most visible deliverable of the Committee to date is the ALA Diversity Toolkit. Available in print and electronically, the ALA Diversity Toolkit is intended to help legal administrators to develop, plan, and implement a successful diversity program in their workplace. In early 2013, the Committee released for comment the new ALA Diversity and Inclusion Scorecard — Roadmap to Change for Law Office Administrators and ALA Chapter Leaders. The Scorecard should be finalized in mid-2013 and is designed to be a tool to guide firms and administrators along the paths to a successful diversity and inclusion program.